What Would You Do Without Your Cell Phone?

by Rose Harris

What would you do without your cell phone? Most of us don't know how to respond to that as our lives are completely inundated with cell phones and mobile communications. We have become so reliant on mobile communications.

Mobile communications typically refers to cell phones, or any electronic device that communicates with another device or computer. They are able to communicate with one another via a network and satellite. These are also known as "cell sites". The first cell phone was designed by Dr. Martin Cooper for Motorola in 1973. His design didn't hit the market or become available to the public until 1983, and even then it was a luxurious, rare item.

Like all mobile communications, cell phones have greatly evolved over the years. The original model was based on the two-ray radio. It's pretty amazing to think that the size of a two-way radio has shrunk to today's tiny, hand-held phone in just a little over thirty years. Today's cell phones also have many more capabilities than the original two-way radio and Dr. Cooper's 1973 design. Today's phones come standard with Internet access, instant and text messaging, games, Bluetooth capabilities, and GPS and camera functions.

Smartphones come standard today with a number of useful functions and capabilities. Most include Internet access and email, text messaging by use of an instant messaging program, calendar and notifications or alerts, MP3 player and GPS, a camera and even a stop watch and timer. It does it all.

Another popular feature of the Smartphone is its Applications. Applications or "Apps" are small (in size - usually only a few MB) and are available for all kinds of purposes. Today, organizations design Apps specifically for Smartphones to help and improve their customers or client base. For example, Amazon puts out a eBook finder and reader App, Pandora Internet radio has an App to be able to access Internet radio, and even Sports centers like ESPN puts out an App that gives sports updates.

The telephony industry and mobile communications go hand in hand. It all started in 1990 when approximately 12.4 million people had subscribed to cellular plans. By the close of 2009, 4.6 billion people had subscribed to cellular plans, or were using Smartphones. This was a huge jump for the telephony and communications industries in just under twenty years.

Even though cell phones and Smartphones are one of our favorite gadgets and accessories, there are some downfalls that we can't ignore. Unfortunately the use of cell phones has posed a danger to our lives. There have been thousands of motor vehicle accidents due to drivers either talking or texting on their phones while driving. Sure, cell phones are fun to use and we enjoy talking and texting with our family and friends, but they aren't worth risking our lives.

Mobile communications and the telephony industry have rapidly changed our lives. Since we rely so much on cell phones, it is very difficult to think about what life would be like without them. They didn't even exist in society thirty years ago. We probably all wonder what the new cell phone or Smartphone will be like in another twenty years.

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Straight Talk Nokia E71 Review

by Theodore Johnson

If you've been wanting a smart phone, the Straight Talk Nokia E71 is your most cost effective option. Basically, this is a prepaid smart phone plan that runs forty-five dollars a month. Smart shoppers can get their first month free by getting their phone right from Nokia.

The features this phone come equipped with are really excellent. If you combine them with gnocchi is ergonomic interface you truly have a grand slam cell phone on your hands. Although this phone went a little unnoticed due to the fact it was introduced as the same time as the iPhone 3G, it was a big hit in Europe and those who are in love with texting will really enjoy this phones full QWERTY keyboard.

If you like text messaging your friends or maybe using an instant messenger service, you'll love how easy this phone is to use. Compared with the iphone, the Straight Talk Nokia E71 is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of usability. You should definitely look into this phone before settling for an iphone.

You will also be able to check multiple e-mail accounts directly through your phone. So if you have a separate business e-mail address as well as a personal e-mail address you'll be able to access both accounts easily with this phone.

If you're prone to getting lost, never fear because this phone comes with GPS capability. This is a heck of a lot more convenient that a traditional car mounted GPS and as part of the phone there's nothing more to carry. If you do use it in your car, you can use the voice activated features for hands free navigation.

If you want to relax, you can use the Straight Talk Nokia E71 to play music files you transfer from your computer to your smart phone. Both cabled and Bluetooth options are available to get music from the computer to the phone. In addition, you can listen to FM radio with this phone, which is nice if you like a certain news show or radio station. After using your smart phone for business, you can use it to relax with some tunes as well.

As if all that isn't enough, the Straight Talk Nokia E71 can even surf the internet. You can access just about any website with this phone including Twitter and Facebook if you want to check in with friends. Some sites are not compatible, but more are added all the time.

With no contract and a simple monthly fee, the Straight Talk Nokia E71 smart phone is a great deal. And by buying directly form Nokia you can get the first month free! You can also get free activation and shipping at the present time. This offer could end at any time, so I'd recommend you jump on it immediately.

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Download MSN Emoticons For Fun

by Weeyiu Blakyiepie

Emoticons are expressions used to represent a computer user's facial expressions and moods while the individual is online. This information is about how to download MSN emoticons for instant messaging.

MSN messenger allows the user to communicate with co-workers, family, and friends even when they are offline. When a person returns to their computer and comes back online they will find MSN instant messages waiting for them which were left by the person who was communicating with them.

To start the user must have a current version of MSN messenger installed on the computer. The most recent versions since 2006 are Windows Live Messenger 8.0, Windows Live Messenger 8.1, and Windows Live Messenger 2009. Many people also use Windows Messenger 5. X as well.

Usage of Windows messenger is simple for those who already have MS Windows established on the computer. Usually MSN live messenger will request if the person wants to advance their service to a new version. Most people who own a PC will find the whole process uncomplicated.

If the Windows user has the messenger application it makes the steps easier because they can access the emoticons from MSN. The application is programmed to ask anyone without emoticons if they would like to install them to their messaging service. It will only take an instant to do this.

For the computer owners who do not have MSN messenger they can still use the program. The website www.msn.com allows users to download it by checking the messenger link. A new page will appear and it is the http://download, . Live.com page. After they have read the new page they can click on the download messenger link. Their computer will begin to add the messenger feature. When the messenger application has been added then the communication can start. Emoticons are a great way to express an emotion online.

Emoticons enhance a conversation by letting the viewer know how someone is feeling while they chat. This feature allows people to relax and look at the cute caricature faces of their friends online.

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